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Upcoming elections[]

Local elections will be held in September of 2007.

Prior elections[]

Parliamentary elections were held in September 2005. The election night was a thriller, and the "Red-Green" alliance won by a narrow margin. The parties now in coalition government are Arbeiderpartiet (Labour party), Sosialistisk Venstreparti (Socialist Left) and Senterpartiet (Centre/Agrarian roots party). For the first time in Norwegian history, environmental issues were center stage in a parliamentary election, and for the first time a party left of the Labour party achieved a government position.

During a period some months after the elections, Fremskrittspartiet (Progress party) surged to become the largest party according to polls, but has since declined. The former government coalition parties Høyre (Conservatives) and Kristelig Folkeparti (Christian Democrats) have had a reduced following compared to recent decennia.