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According to the Wikipedia article on U.S. House elections, there are 30 open House seats in 2006. There are four open Senate seats. Open seats often attract the most attention, so this page is designed as a reference point.

List of Open House Seats[]

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  • Arizona 8 (SE Arizona on border): Jim Kolbe (R) retiring
  • California 22 (North of LA): Bill Thomas (R) retiring
  • Colorado
    • 5 (Colorado Springs): Joel Hefley (R) retiring
    • 7 (Denver suburbs): Bob Beauprez (R) running for Governor
  • Florida
    • 9 (Gulf Coast): Mike Bilirakis (R) retiring
    • 11 (Tampa Bay): Jim Davis (D) running for Governor
    • 13 (Gulf Coast): Katherine Harris (R) running for Senate
  • Hawaii 2 (Everywhere but Honolulu): Ed Case (D) running for Senate
  • Idaho 1 (Western Idaho): Butch Otter (R) running for Governor
  • Illinois
    • 6 (Suburbs west of Chicago): Henry Hyde (R) retiring
    • 17 (Western Illinois): Lane Evans (D) withdrew due to illness
  • Iowa 1 (Northeast Iowa): Jim Nussle (R) running for Governor
  • Maryland 3 (Annapolis & Baltimore suburbs): Ben Cardin (D) running for Senate
  • Minnesota
    • 3 (Suburbs north, west and south of Minneapolis): Jim Ramstad (R) retiring
    • 5 (Minneapolis): Martin Olav Sabo (D) retiring
    • 6 (Twin Cities suburbs/exurbs): Mark Kennedy (R) running for Senate
  • Nebraska 3 (Rural Nebraska): Tom Osborne (R) running for Governor
  • Nevada 2 (Rural Nevada): Jim Gibbons (R) running for Governor
  • New Jersey
    • 1 (South Jersey): Rob Andrews (D) running for Senate
    • 6 (Coastal New Jersey): Frank Pallone (D) running for Senate
    • 13 (Jersey City): Bob Menendez appointed to fill vacancy in US Senate
  • New York
    • 11 (Brooklyn): Major Owens (D) retiring
    • 24 (Utica): Sherry Boehlert (R) retiring
  • Ohio
    • 4 (NE of Columbus): Mike Oxley (R) retiring
    • 6 (Eastern Ohio): Ted Strickland (D) running for Governor
    • 13 (Lorain & Akron areas): Sherrod Brown (D) running for Senate
  • Oklahoma 5 (Oklahoma City area): Ernest Istook (R) running for Governor
  • Tennessee
    • 1 (NE Tri-cities): Bill Jenkins (R) retiring
    • 9 (Memphis): Harold Ford, Jr. (D) running for Senate
  • Texas 22 (Houston): Tom Delay (R) resigned after being re-nominated
  • Vermont At Large: Bernie Sanders (I) running for Senate
  • Wisconsin 8 (Northeast Wisconsin): Mark Green (R) running for Governor

List of Open Senate Seats[]

(Retiring senator and party in parentheses)

  • Maryland (Sarbanes - D)
  • Minnesota (Dayton - D)
  • Tennessee (Frist - R)
  • Vermont (Jeffords - I)