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Participatory Politics is a stated aim of this wiki. What is it? How does it differ from Non-Participatory Politics? How can wikis help?

What is Participatory politics?[]

Participatory Politics is the incorporation by a representative or candidate representative of the people he or she represents in political activities (e.g. campaigning, platform building).

Discussion: In this definition Participatory Politics is when a representative or candidate makes it possible for all of the people he or she represents to be involved in the campaign. Typical current campaigns and administrations fill a number of slots for workers with specific pre-defined responsibilities. A Participatory Politics campaign or administration would be able to include the viewpoints, interests, and ideas of every constituent. This could not realistically be accomplished without modern communication infrastructure. It hasn't been demonstrated that it can be accomplished now. But that's why at least some of us are here.

A Participatory Campaign is a campaign for traditional elected office in which the traditional elements of the campaign (e.g. platform, strategy) are determined and influenced by anyone who wants to participate.

Discussion: A campaign for a traditional administration can be run with a participatory campaign. A participatory campaign replaces all or some of the traditional slots determined for "campaign workers" with a system of general participation.

A Participatory Administration is a tenure in elected office in which any constituent can be involved in the planning and execution of the administration.

Discussion: A participatory administration replaces advisors and staff with volutary constituent participation. The representative has the final say, but instead of surrounding him or herself with political professionals, they have the option of getting their advice and research from constituents, which may include political professionals, as well as the rest of us.

The effects of participatory politics in history[]

American Revolution[]

Talk about Thomas Paine and 46 pages. It may also be useful to talk about the debates between Paine and Edmund Burke

The rise of the Labor Union[]

Need some details on the origin of the labor movement

The Progressive Era[]

Talk about the affects on the populist and progressive movements in the late 1800's and early 1900's

The rise of the Internet[]

Email, Blogs, Wiki systems, the potential of broadband

The main problem with wiki systems and politics is that only those who have nothing else to do and have the time to edit war will be the ones whose message carries the day. This edit is an example of the phenomenon.

Current Participatory Campaigns[]

  • Pete Ashdown is running what seems to be a fairly participatory campaign for U.S. Senator from Utah. He is running against Orrin Hatch.

Participatory Administrations[]

  • None YET


Because sometimes taglines are cool.

  • Non-participatory politics seeks to influence people. Participatory politics seeks to involve people.
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Ghandi

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