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Class Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponents
3 Pat Toomey Republican 2010 Undeclared none

Voters Guide[]

Issue Rick Santorum (Rep) Bob Casey (Dem) Carl Romanelli (Grn)
Abortion opposes opposes supports
Agriculture supports family farms
supports farmland preservation
supports family farms
supports farmland preservation
supports family farms
supports organic growing
America in the Middle East supports involvement in Iraq supports exit from Iraq
supports protecting Israel
supports exit from Iraq
Economy supports small businesses
increased miniumum wage
balanced national budget
supports small businesses balance national budget
living wage
Education supports NCLB
supports financial aid reform
supports NCLB reform
supports financial aid reform
no data
Energy supports domestic coal and oil
opposes gasoline price gouging
opposes ban on ANWR drilling
supports hybrid and alternative fuels
opposes ANWR drilling
supports clean energy technologies
Environmental protection supports mine and brownfield redevelopment
supports open space protection
supports reduced emissions
supports open space protection
no data
Health care supports Medicare
supports medical liability reform
supports fixing Medicare prescription Plan D
supports affordable health care
supports universal health care
Illegal Immigration supports border wall
opposes amnesty
opposes benefits for illegals
supports border enforcement
supports stricter employment laws
no data
Same-sex marriage opposes with marriage amendment supports civil unions, not marriage supports
Stem cell research supports non-embryonic supports non-embryonic no data
Taxation opposes marriage tax penalty and death tax supports tax cuts for middle and working classes
opposes tax cuts for upper class
no data
Note: These positions are taken from the candidates' official websites and and summarized to provide a quick guide. Please see the official websites for more information.

Election Results[]

Candidate Party Votes % Vote
Rick Santorum (incumbent) Republican 1,652,486 41.3%
Bob Casey (victor) Democratic 2,345,082 58.7%

Source: Pennsylvania Department of State Election Returns


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