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  • Tom Corbett (Rep) (incumbent)
  • Tom Wolf (Dem) (leading candidate according to polls)
  • Paul Glover (Grn)
  • Ken Krawchuk (Lib)

Voters Guide[]

Issue Tom Wolf (Dem) Tom Corbett (Rep) Paul Glover (Grn) Ken Krawchuk (Lib)
Abortion Supports Opposes no data Neutral
Gun control no data Opposes no data Opposes
Obamacare Supports Opposes no data no data
Arizona's Illegal Immigration law no data Supports no data no data
Same-sex marriage Supports Opposes no data no data
Legalization of Marijuana no data Opposes Supports Supports
Social Security Privatization no data Opposes no data no data
Note: These positions are taken from the candidates' official websites and and summarized to provide a quick guide. Please see the official websites for more information.
Please help find information and replace the "no data" sections with information from credible sources.