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Chairmen: David Sigal
Founder: David Sigal & Brent Allison
Foundation: June 6, 2006
Headquarters: WI, United States of America
Ideology: Pro-privacy; Anti-copyright, populist
Colors: Red / White / Blue

The Pirate Party of the United States is an American political party, with goals originating from Piratpartiet, a Swedish political party that wants to "fundamentally reform copyright law, reform of the patent system, and ensure that citizens' rights to privacy are respected." As a fraternal party, the PPUS shares similar goals while working within the political context of the United States to achieve them.

The main directive of the Pirate Party is to strengthen privacy and the rights of the individual, while increasing the ability of the individual to share information and services with the group. This ideology is their main issue, although their stance on more issues will become apparent as the party grows.

Net neutrality[]

The Pirate Party's website contains a page advocating net neutrality. Of technological progress on the Internet, it states, "All of this innovation has occurred because individuals have had the ability to offer new ideas in a world without central controls. It used to be the case that common carrier laws restricted phone companies from choosing what your website was allowed to say and whether or not their users would be able to access it in the first place. Unfortunately, with the advent of high-speed (broadband) Internet, this equality is no longer law." This stance favors citizens abilities to use and innovate the network over carriers' abilities to innovate in basic transport. It is appropriate for a party that promotes the free sharing of information, but opens the party to criticism from those who favor leaving things to the market on this issue, for net neutrality, like patents and copyrights, is an artificial construct enforced by government to affect the market.

Proponents of the Pirate Party[]

The Pirate Party has the cutting edge in the current digital rights debates, being composed of mostly young and technologically sophisticated folks who understand the technology they are debating over. Current copyright law is out-dated and discourages the current use of media that is usually found to be acceptable by everyone except media giants who want to avoid profit loss.

Opponents of the Pirate Party[]

Weakening copyright laws will create an atmosphere where the risk of providing new media content will outweigh the reward, and will lead to a vacuum where little to no new content (at least, high quality content) will be created. Creating the content to the standards we are used to requires a great amount of capital, but that capital will not be spent on creating new media content if the corportations who could provide that content fear they will not make back that capital plus profit.

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