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Religious fundamentalists are an extremely active group in all levels of the political spectrum, from local school boards (Delaware) all the way up to the national level. Their success has largely been credited to their ability to organize, to focus on key issues, and to deliver like-minded voters to the polls. Whereas their activity in politics to drive a religious agenda in government is quite controversial, especially if you follow the money, their success and influence in the 2000 and 2004 U.S. elections is undeniable. Many liberal organizations such as and others have taken inspiration from some of the more successful tactics of these groups to organize and motivate their constituents for future elections.

The agenda of the religious right tends to focus on several key religious issues:

The high point of the Religious Right movement may have been during the Ralph Reed and Newt Gingrich years. The liberal viewpoint is that the Religious Right is trying to turn back the clock to the 1950's without considering the progress that has been made in society since that time. The writer for the movie Pleasantville has stated that it was written as a direct rebuttal to Newt Gingrich's elevation in status and the whole "Contract with America".