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Today the Iowa primary is being held. Tomorrow the news pundits will 'predict' who will be the next President of the United States of America. Like most predictions (the rain, horse races, etc.), predictions are rarely accurate.

But the News media will continue to think that they know what is best.

Barack Obama is a man unqualified to lead. He is a first term senator and certainly has 'connections' (second in fundraising only to ex-President Bill Clinton's wife Hillary Clinton . . .). But still I doubt the man can handle the pressure. Can he properly safeguard the U.S. from attack by radical Islamic jihadists? Can he fine tune the economy?

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, I have the greatest deal of respect for. When her husband cheated on her, she handled this situation with poise.

Rudy Giuliani just simply scares me. Whereas the Democrats are staunchly in favor of the poor, the working class and amnesty for hard-working immigrants seeking to gain citizenship, Giuliani favors 'Big Business' and would further eviscerate our fragile economy through having an increase in 'perks' for the elite corporate henchmen who drain our economy of much needed capital.

John McCain I actually highly respect, but given his age, I do not think that he is physically capable of leading.

That leaves us with little choice.

I offer up my services to the American people. I have tried valiantly to get a campaign going, and have done everything from attend Campaign Leadership Training at the Leadership Institute in Washington D.C. to write senators to write on every possible governmental topic under the sun.

So, the choice is in the hands of the LORD Almighty. NOTHING happens or does not happen that is not the expressed will and governance of God.

Yours in Christ, Rob J. King (undeclared)