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Robb E. Cunningham answers the tough questions!!!

                     What is Your Legislative Priority?

Everyone’s priority is for change....but what will they change? I will form an Amendment enabling Congress to end U.S. wars. Military soldiers will be able to decline leaving the U.S. for foreign countries. I will decrease taxes, streamline spending on a surplus not a deficit. I will force drugs to be more affordable by easing drug regulations and having time-honored harmless drugs redistributed as over-the-counter. Income Tax will be ended, Criminal Justice and Prisons overhauled for economical rehabilitation, Education will be privatized, Eminent Domain done, Gun Laws Constitutionalized, Party Fund Matching will be stopped, Marijuana legalized for adults, and Election Day declared a National Holiday. One specific change I am often asked about -- Why do I not believe in a welfare status? I would never say Never....yet Never is better. Government exists to protect the civilization. When Government feeds the community it creates a lethargic and corrupt state of affairs. Welfare encourages votes for a bigger meal on the table rather than aspirations for family and parental responsibility. Of course, this is all trivial and petty compared to Americans being involved in a problematic war.

                                                    Why Are You Qualified?

I give honest information and have empathy for arbitrating the opinions and needs of every individual. I can do the work, not only to resolve the differences of the people, but first, and foremost, to inform the people of the truth.

                  What issue most separates you from your opponents?

Libertarians pursue principles! The issue that most differentiates me from my opponents is the absence of “issues“. Libertarians don’t jump on current “popular” topics that are decoys from the true problems of America. We embark on principles initiated by our Forefathers for a true democracy. If I had to pick ONE issue: WAR. When I began investigating Libertarianism, prior to 9/11, I was pleasantly surprised that to join I must sign a statement certifying “that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.” At the time it seemed fairly hippyish. Little did I know I would live in a day where politicians believe in Torture, and how vehemently I would preach American Non-Offense. Please Stop And Vote! Please send donations to P.O. 102, Saint Ann, MO 63074

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