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Statements in Favor of Rudy Giuliani[]

Rudy Giuliani has surprised many with his very strong showing in Republican primary polls. The conventional wisdom was that no one can win the Republican nomination without being staunchly pro-life and pro-traditional values. There are many explanations for his strong showing.

  • One reason he was perhaps underrated is that upon analysis, his stances towards gays are not different in substance from George W. Bush. He has said he supports Civil Unions but not gay marriage. Bush also expressed his support for civil unions in an interview with Charles Gibson.[1] The other reason Giuliani is considered too pro-gay is that he has had many gay friends, and once temporarily lived in with two gay friends. Bush himself has at least one openly gay friend and colleague, Israel Hernandez, an assistant secretary of commerce.[2]

Statements Against Rudy Giuliani[]

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there's no page on Rudy, since there is, in fact, very little "there." Rudy had his three weeks following 9/11 -- when he was absolutely perfect -- but must also be remembered as one of the most divisive, vacuous figures in New York City history. His governmental philosophy was to divide the people and hope that things get better. Thanks to the Clinton economy, they did, and Rudy took credit.

A look at the polls will tell you Guiliani is the logical front-runner for the republican nomination but the former New York mayor is far too fragile a candidate for the RNC to consider nominating him for President. What was once Guiliani's greatest strength has become his greatest weakness as the facts of 9-11 come into focus.

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