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Living in a culture that celebrates the elimination of barriers, we have become accustomed to technologies that promise us a better quality of life. The railroads of the 19th century and the motorways of the 20th century are familiar examples of technological, political and economic projects that nowadays are taken for granted.

We may dislike car pollution and airplane noise, but we do not usually question the infrastructure of mobility. No, we seldom question a life-style of higher and higher speeds, of less and less friction. Commuting and long-distance travelling have become integrated aspects of our lives, our value systems, our human culture.

Speed and mobility are terms with positive connotations, fostering projects of politically and economically labelled "improvements". How should we otherwise understand the sprawl of urban, interurban, regional, interregional, national and international roads, railways, waterways and airports.

But the cult of fastness is nothing less than a cult of uncontrolled development. Mobility systems do not automatically serve our needs, nor should they be termed sustainable paths to the future without resistance.

It is time to ask ourselves how we really want to live together, how we really want to "spend" our space and time, our common habitat.

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