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On most highways, it is more dangerous to drive the speed limit than to break it.

Safety should be the goal of the government, not speeding taxes.

Higher Speed Limits Have Proven Safer[]

In 2005, according to new data from the National Highway Safety Administration, the rate of injuries per mile traveled was lower than at any time since the Interstate Highway System was built 50 years ago and has, in fact, decreased steadily since the repeal in 1995 of the National Maximum Speed Limit of 55mph. This, in spite of presumed increased distraction from cell phones etc.. The fatality rate was the second lowest ever, just a tick higher than in 2004. Only 2 of 31 states who have raised limits to more than 70 mph have seen a increase in the fatality rate (although this statistic doesn't address accident rate).Source: The Wall Street Journal

Data from other countries would also be welcome.

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