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Since just before the the beginning of U.S. airline deregulation in 1978, Steve Nieman has been working as a pilot in the airline industry. He has flown as a captain for Horizon Air for the past 27 years.

He has been active in labor, employee and the politics of corporate governance. He started an in-house union in 1988 for Horizon Air Pilots. In 1998, Steve founded the non-profit Horizon/Alaska Customer/Employee Co-Ownership Association Inc. (HACECA), which was incorporated in August 2000 in Washington state, but shut down in Dec. 2004.

One of HACECA's goals was to shift ownership of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air toward the natural tripartite of employees stockowners, customer stockowners and public stockowners, instead of a high percentage of the stock being owned by large institutional investors--the case now for the AAG, Inc. (around 85 percent).

Steve is also a co-founder and President of the Ownership Union (OU®), and the author of the union's by-laws. The Ownership Union is a registered U.S. federal labor union started in 2002. The Ownership Union is an affiliate of the Center For Economic and Social Justice ("CESJ") and a supporting organization of the Global Justice Movement. Steve is a member of the CESJ and has been named to its Board of Counselors.

He is also a founding member of the American Revolutionary Party.

Steve ran for a board seat at the AAG, Inc. in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Steve is a freelance writer, having published in magazines and newspapers, including THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

Steve can be reached via email at: