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Money is a brilliant idea. It is an object which holds two properties. It is tottaly useless in everyday life and it is also very rare, so that not everybody can produce it. This useless and rare object is created by an authority, and, using either force and violence or propaganda, is imposed to everyone and becomes the unique medium of exchange. This useless and rare object is then requested back by the authority using taxes (etymologicaly taxes means order in greek), so taxes are forcing people to work for the authority, and this is how economy is created.

Taxes are a frequent campaign issue. Candidates accuse each other of spending the voters' tax money recklessly. Many candidates promise to reduce taxes.

Most candidates do not spend much time talking about the necessity of taxes or the value of well spent taxes. Do you want roads? a military? regulatory agencies that make sure your food isn't poisonous? police and judges?

So, who is taxed? What are they taxed on? How are the taxes spent?

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