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Supreme Court response to PROJECT 3500


Interplanetary exploration

There has been talk about expansion to new planets. Given the imminence of this as a programme, the federal structures should be made with this in mind. The court suggests that members of any federal subsidiary located on Kebir Blue or elsewhere should have equivalent voting power to a regular member of the main federation. However, these individuals should not be permitted to represent themselves by running for any office whatsoever.

Changing the constitution

Changes to the constitution should be relatively easy to make and should require a simple majority from the general membership. Effectively, all changes must be ratified by referenda.

Existing Legislation

The federation already has numerous laws that govern items connected to the federation that could enter a grey zone. It is the recommendation of the Supreme Court that these documents be updated or reintroduced following ratification. This includes, but is not limited to, the SFRFS, the Citizenship Act, and the Nuclear Protocol.

End of terms

An election should be able to be called either by the premier or a majority of the general council. Terms should be no shorter than three years and no longer than fifteen. This information is based on past experience of activity levels in the federal democracy.

Limits to political parties

I advise against limiting how large political parties can be, but they should have to have at least two members to be registered. The Supreme Court should be required to vet registered parties by forcing them to register as official entities.