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2006 electionEdit

Parliamentary elections in the Netherlands will be held on 22 November 2006. It will be early elections, because of the 'fallen' cabinet-Balkenende II. The cabinet of the prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende (Christian Democratic party 'CDA') fell ont 30 June 2006 because of the lack of support of one of the coalition partners (Social Liberals 'D66'). Elections first were planned on 15 May 2007, see Wikipedia on Dutch general election, 2006.

As far as we know now, most Dutch political parties have their 'normal' political websites and many, many personal blogs on politics.

Campaigning websites 2006 Edit

Some political parties already started a separate campaigning website. Such as Linkse Lente (Left Spring) of GroenLinks (the Green Left Party). The websites Linkse Lente started as a community of progressive voters in the Netherlands and is also a platform for progressive politicians. GroenLinks leader Mrs. Femke Halsema started the initiative and welcomes known and unknown voters and politicians to contribute to the Left Spring.

Wikipolitiek Edit

A Wiki has been started to collect the opinions of the political parties regarding the issues. It is called the The site started in 2005 and is in Dutch. The Wikipolitiek site is hosted by the Continue Directe Democratie Partij ( This party has no political standpoints and votes that the members want. They want to introduce a form of direct democratie within the representative democratie. Because the members vote on the political standpoints of other political parties, they need a site which collects these standpoints.

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  • On 22 November 2006 parliamentary elections will be held (Second Chamber/Tweede Kamer)
  • In March 2007 there will be elections of representatives in the Provinces (who will later elect senators in the Eerste Kamer)

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