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Torture is defined as an act that intentionally inflicts physical or psycological pain as a means to intimidate, punish, deter or coerce a person or group of people.

Methods of Torture[]

Torture can be psychological and/or physical.

Ethics Behind Torture[]

Torture is banned by the Geneva Conventions but some people see the war on terror as an exception to the rules. They feel that a different kind of warfare is being used and thus needs to be fought with different methods.

The law around the world[]

United States[]

In the United States torture is not legal, so the US-officials and the CIA has to organize torture camps in Guantanamo, Afganistan, Iraq and other similar regions to torture without juristical problems.

Analysis of Arguments[]

For the Right to Torture[]

There shall be a right to torture, if somebody is not telling the CIA or the US-army what they want to hear. That will calm the US-army so they don't need to kill people oftenly like in Haditha.

National Security[]

Like stated in the Khaled El-Masri case, torture is needed for the national security of the USA. An impeachment procedure against the president is a case of national security. What else belongs to the national security shall remain a secret.

Against Right to Torture[]

Torturing people gives the US a bad international reputation. The president of the US shall find other ways to secure his power.

Discussion Points[]

General Discussion[]

I doubt, there will there be ever a criminal court for president Bush, it's administration and the executive for torturing people, because the rank of president Bush is almost higher than god.

External Links[]

Resources to Help Stop Torture[]


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  • I am a father of 4 and while I believe torture is inhumane, I would give my life for my wife or children, and would also torture someone if necessary to do save them. Midian 20:14, 7 July 2006 (UTC)
  • I am 16 years old and I don't believe torture is acceptable. There are the few cases that are actually "ticking bombs" but that does not justify the majority of torture. Israel legalized torture in the case of such emergencies but the potential for abuse is too large. Torturing Palestinian prisoners became standard practice [1]. Also, the United States should be the last nation on earth that resorts to torture. If we are the model for democracy and freedom around the world, then why are we stooping down to the level of an oppresive regime? I say ban it because it takes away the temptation and sets a good precedent. Chris Barna 20:45, 7 July 2006 (UTC)