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Free-Trade Viewpoint[]

Enacting barriers to trade and levying subsidies are the worst crimes a rich nation can commit against its consumers and the world's poor. They serve only to entrench special interest groups at the expense of of the population. Trade protectionist policies are rooted in xenophobia, interest group politics, and economic nationalism.

Free-Trade Supporters[]

  • CATO Institute ([1])
  • American Enterprise Institute ([2])
  • AEI-Brookings Joint Center ([3])
  • Globalization Institute ([4])
  • Ludwig Won Mises Institute ([5])
  • The Future of Freedom Foundation ([6])
  • Foundation for Economic Education ([7])
  • Border Trade Alliance ([8])
  • A World Connected ([9])
  • Adam Smith Institute ([10])
  • The Cairns Group ([11])
  • The Foreign Policy Center ([12])
  • Forum for Fair and Free Trade ([13])
  • Global Prosperity Initiative ([14])
  • Shell Foundation ([15])
  • GMF: Trade & Development ([16])
  • Truth About Trade & Technology ([17])
  • The World Bank ([18])
  • World Growth ([19])

Pro-Free Trade Books and Publications[]

  • The Choice by Russell Roberts
  • In Defense of Globalization by Jagdish Bhagwati
  • The Elusive Quest for Growth by William Easterly
  • Why Globalization Works by Martin Wolf
  • Free Trade Under Fire by Douglas Irwin
  • In Defense of Global Capitalism by Johan Norberg
  • The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman
  • The Wall Street Journal ([20])
  • The Economist ([21])

Protectionist Viewpoint[]

For many years, free trade has been espoused as an agent of equality, bringing wealth to the poorer nations. However, who really profits? True, goods and services are cheaper for some, but jobs are lost by many thousands of people in the country that adopts free trade, and workers in other countries are underpaid and the quality of the goods or services may diminish. Also, important revenue is gained from tariffs and duties collected on imports, and local and small business have a chance to flourish rather than be annihilated by international corporations.

Protectionist Supporters[]

  • Center for American Progress

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