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Currently most modern democratic systems incorporate some form of seperation of powers. The Trias Politica is the seperation of (governmental) powers into three branches - executive, judicial, and law-making. Each branch has certain rights and powers that enable it to keep the powers of the other two branches in check.

While many believe it is democracy that enables the persuit of liberty, it is my belief this system is more important. More to the point, it allows the existance of ways for the common man to correct the system when it goes to far.

Unfortunately, as it is today, there are not enough checks and balances. The Trias politica only recognizes governmental power; It does nothing to limit private power such as that wielded by the big media conglomorates. In fact, it is precisely the absense of such a check - a limit on how corporate interests sponser political entities - that is one of the biggest problems in the current functioning of the current US government.

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The inclusion of the idea that the people are soverign, and that the concept of Democracy will be used to determine how the people within the branches are selected, was the innovation of the Founders. Laws designed to limit the ability of corporate and wealth based interests to influence the creation and execution of our laws were on the books until the Civil War. We need to reestablish those laws, and reaffirm that the needs of the people trump the desires of our financial institutions to collect and consolidate power and wealth. Chadlupkes 13:09, 6 September 2006 (UTC)