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Part of the Mid-Terms, this election will be held on November 4, 2014, in conjunction with the United States Senate, Gubernatorial, and other state and local elections. All 435 seats of the US House of Representatives are up for re-election. Please, check your state's information for accuracy. Add information about the candidates and important campaign issues to their respective pages.

Shorter lists[]

This list is of every single congressional district (435), plus the 5 non-voting representatives. Here are some additional lists that are more focused:

By state[]

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District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Bradley Byrne Republican 2013 Running Bradley Byrne (Rep)
Burton LeFlore (Dem)
2 Martha Roby Republican 2010 Running Martha Roby (Rep)
Erick Wright (Ind)
3 Mike Rogers Republican 2002 Running Mike Rogers (Rep)
Thomas Casson (Rep)
Jesse Smith (Dem)
4 Robert Aderholt Republican 1996 Running Robert Aderholt (Rep)
Thomas Drake II (Rep)
5 Mo Brooks Republican 2010 Running Mo Brooks (Rep)
Jerry Hill (Rep)
Mark Bray (Ind)
6 Spencer Bachus Republican 1992 Retiring Scott Beason (Rep)
Will Brooke (Rep)
Paul DeMarco (Rep)
Chad Mathis (Rep)
Gary Palmer (Rep)
Robert Shattuck (Rep)
Tom Vigneulle (Rep)
Avery Vise (Dem)
7 Terri Sewell Democratic 2010 Running Terri Sewell (Dem)
Tamara Harris Johnson (Dem)


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District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
At-Large Don Young Republican 1973 Running Don Young (Rep)
John R. Cox (Rep)
Dave Dohner (Rep)
Forrest Dunbar (Dem)
Frank Vondersaar (Dem)
Jim McDermott (Lib)
Dan Ortiz (Ind)


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District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Rick Crawford Republican 2010 Running Rick Crawford (Rep)
Jackie McPherson (Dem)
Brian Willhite (Lib)
2 Tim Griffin Republican 2010 Retiring Ann Clemmer (Rep)
French Hill (Rep)
Conrad Reynolds (Rep)
Pat Hays (Dem)
Debbie Standiford (Lib)
3 Steve Womack Republican 2010 Running Steve Womack (Rep)
Thomas Brewer (Rep)
Grant Brand (Lib)
4 Tom Cotton Republican 2012 Running for U.S. Senate Tommy Moll (Rep)
Bruce Westerman (Rep)
Janice Percefull (Dem)
James Lee Witt (Dem)
Ken Hamilton (Lib)


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District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Diana DeGette Democratic 1996 Running Diana DeGette (Dem)
Martin Walsh (Rep)
2 Jared Polis Democratic 2008 Running Jared Polis (Dem)
George Leing (Rep)
3 Scott Tipton Republican 2010 Running Scott Tipton (Rep)
Abel Tapia (Dem)
4 Cory Gardner Republican 2010 Running for U.S. Senate Ken Buck (Rep)
Vic Meyers (Dem)
5 Doug Lamborn Republican 2006 Running Doug Lamborn (Rep)
Irv Halter (Dem)
6 Mike Coffman Republican 2008 Running Mike Coffman (Rep)
Andrew Romanoff (Dem)
7 Ed Perlmutter Democratic 2006 Running Ed Perlmutter (Dem)
Don Ytterberg (Rep)
Douglas Campbell (Con)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 John Larson Democratic 1998 Running John Larson (Dem)
Matthew Corey (Rep)
2 Joe Courtney Democratic 2006 Running Joe Courtney (Dem)
3 Rosa DeLauro Democratic 1990 Running Rosa DeLauro (Dem)
4 Jim Himes Democratic 2008 Running Jim Himes (Dem)
Dan Debicella (Rep)
John Shaban (Rep)
5 Elizabeth Esty Democratic 2012 Running Elizabeth Esty (Dem)
Mark Greenberg (Rep)
Sal Lilienthal (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
At-Large John Carney Democratic 2010 Running John Carney (Dem)
Rose Izzo (Rep)
Scott Gesty (Lib)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Jeff Miller Republican 2001 Running Jeff Miller (Rep)
Joe Roberts (Dem)
2 Allen Boyd Democrat 1996 Running Allen Boyd (Dem) unopposed
3 Corrine Brown Democrat 1992 Running Corrine Brown (Dem) unopposed
4 Ander Crenshaw Republican 2000 Running Ander Crenshaw (Rep)
Bob Harms (Dem)
5 Ginny Brown-Waite Republican 2002 Running Ginny Brown-Waite (Rep)
Rick Penberthy (Dem)
John Russell (Florida) (Dem)
6 Cliff Stearns Republican 1988 Running Cliff Stearns (Rep)
Dave Bruderly (Dem)
7 John Mica Republican 1992 Running John Mica (Rep)
Jack Chagnon (Dem)
8 Ric Keller Republican 2000 Running Ric Keller (Rep)
Alan Grayson (Dem)
Homer Hartage (Dem)
Charlie Stuart (Dem)
Wesley Hoaglund (Ind)
9 Michael Bilirakis Republican 1982 Retiring Gus Bilirakis (Rep)

David Langheier (Rep)
Phyllis Busansky (Dem)
10 Bill Young Republican 1970 Running Bill Young (Rep)
Samm Simpson (Dem)
11 Jim Davis Democrat 1996 Running for Governor Kathy Castor (Dem)
Scott Farrell (Dem)
Al Fox Jr. (Dem)
Les Miller (Dem)
Mike Steinberg (Dem)
Eddie Adams (Rep)
12 Adam Putnam Republican 2000 Running Adam Putnam (Rep)
Ed Bowlin III (Ind)
Joe Viscusi (Ind)
13 Katherine Harris Republican 2002 Running for US Senate Vern Buchanan (Rep)
Donna Clarke (Rep)
Nancy Detert (Rep)
Mark Flanagan (Rep)
Tramm Hudson (Rep)
Christine Jennings (Dem)
Mike LaFevers (Dem)
Jan Schneider (Dem)
14 Connie Mack IV Republican 2004 Running Connie Mack IV (Rep)
Robert Neeld (Dem)
15 Dave Weldon Republican 1994 Running Dave Weldon (Rep)
Bob Bowman (Florida) (Dem)
John M. Kennedy (Dem)
16 Mark Foley Republican 1994 Running Mark Foley (Rep)
Tim Mahoney (Florida) (Dem)
Emmie Lee Ross (Ind)
17 Kendrick Meek Democrat 2002 Running Kendrick Meek (Dem) unopposed
18 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Republican 1989 Running Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Rep)
Dave Patlak (Dem)
19 Robert Wexler Democrat 1996 Running Robert Wexler (Dem) unopposed
20 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Democrat 2004 Running Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Dem) unopposed
21 Lincoln Diaz-Balart Republican 1992 Running Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Rep)
Frank Gonzalez (Dem)
22 Clay Shaw Republican 1980 Running Clay Shaw (Rep)
Ron Klein (Dem)
Neil Evangelista (Lib)
23 Alcee Hastings Democrat 1992 Running Alcee Hastings (Dem)
Carl Lauderdale IV (Con)
24 Tom Feeney Republican 2002 Running Tom Feeney (Rep)
Clint Curtis (Dem)
Andy Michaud (Dem)
25 Mario Diaz-Balart Republican 2002 Running Mario Diaz-Balart (Rep)
Michael Calderin (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Jack Kingston Republican 1992 Retiring Buddy Carter (Rep)
Darwin Carter (Rep)
Jeff Chapman (Rep)
B. Stefan Jarvis (Rep)
Bob Johnson (Rep)
Earl Martin (Rep)
Lesli Messenger (Dem)
Marc Smith (Dem)
2 Sanford Bishop Democratic 1992 Running Sanford Bishop (Dem)
Greg Duke (Rep)
3 Lynn Westmoreland Republican 2004 Running Lynn Westmoreland (Rep)
Chip Flanegan (Dem)
4 Hank Johnson Democratic 2006 Running Hank Johnson (Dem)
Tom Brown (Dem)
5 John Lewis Democratic 1986 Running John Lewis (Dem)
6 Tom Price Republican 2004 Running Tom Price (Rep)
7 Rob Woodall Republican 2010 Running Rob Woodall (Rep)
8 Austin Scott Republican 2010 Running Austin Scott (Rep)
9 Doug Collins Republican 2012 Running Doug Collins (Rep)
David Vogel (Dem)
10 Paul Broun Republican 2007 Retiring Mike Collins (Rep)
Gary Gerrard (Rep)
Jody Hice (Rep)
Donna Sheldon (Rep)
Stephen Simpson (Rep)
Brian Slowinski (Rep)
Ken Dious (Dem)
11 Phil Gingrey Republican 2002 Retiring Bob Barr (Rep)
Hayden Collins (Rep)
Susan Davis (Rep)
Allan Levene (Rep)
Ed Lindsey (Rep)
Barry Loudermilk (Rep)
Larry Mrozinski (Rep)
Tricia Pridemore (Rep)
Patrick Thompson (Dem)
12 John Barrow Democratic 2004 Running John Barrow (Dem)
Rick Allen (Rep)
John Stone (Rep)
Diane Vann (Rep)
13 David Scott Democratic 2002 Running David Scott (Dem)
Michael Owens (Dem)
14 Tom Graves Republican 2010 Running Tom Graves (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Colleen Hanabusa Democratic 2010 Retiring Ikaika Anderson (Dem)
Stanley Chang (Dem)
Will Espero (Dem)
Donna Mercado Kim (Dem)
Hannah Miyamoto (Dem)
Mark Takai (Dem)
Kathryn Xian (Dem)
Allan Levene (Rep)
2 Tulsi Gabbard Democratic 2012 Running Tulsi Gabbard (Dem)
Dave Crowley (Rep)
Joe Kent (Lib)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Raul Labrador Republican 2010 Running Raul Labrador (Rep)
Shirley Ringo (Dem)
2 Mike Simpson Republican 1998 Running Mike Simpson (Rep)
Bryan Smith (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Bobby Rush Democratic 1992 Running Bobby Rush (Dem)
Jimmy Lee Tillman (Rep)
2 Robin Kelly Democratic 2013 Running Robin Kelly (Dem)
Eric Wallace (Rep)
3 Dan Lipinski Democratic 2004 Running Dan Lipinski (Dem)
Sharon Brannigan (Rep)
Karen Johnson (Ind)
4 Luis Gutierrez Democratic 1992 Running Luis Gutierrez (Dem)
Hector Concepcion (Rep)
5 Mike Quigley Democratic 2008 Running Mike Quigley (Dem)
Nancy Wade (Grn)
6 Peter Roskam Republican 2006 Running Peter Roskam (Rep)
Michael Mason (Dem)
7 Danny Davis Democratic 1996 Running Danny Davis (Dem)
Robert Bumpers (Rep)
8 Tammy Duckworth Democratic 2012 Running Tammy Duckworth (Dem)
David McSweeney (Rep)
Bill Schuerer (Ind)
9 Jan Schakowsky Democratic 1998 Running Jan Schakowsky (Dem)
Susanne Atanus (Rep)
10 Brad Schneider Democratic 2012 Running Brad Schneider (Dem)
Robert Dold (Rep)
11 Bill Foster Democratic 2012 Running Bill Foster (Dem)
Darlene Senger (Rep)
12 Bill Enyart Democratic 2012 Running Bill Enyart (Dem)
Mike Bost (Rep)
Paula Bradshaw (Grn)
13 Rodney Davis Republican 2012 Running Rodney Davis (Rep)
Ann Callis (Dem)
14 Randy Hultgren Republican 2010 Running Randy Hultgren (Rep)
Dennis Anderson (Dem)
15 John Shimkus Republican 1996 Running John Shimkus (Rep)
Eric Thorsland (Dem)
16 Adam Kinzinger Republican 2010 Running Adam Kinzinger (Rep)
Randall Olsen (Dem)
17 Cheri Bustos Democratic 2012 Retiring Cheri Bustos (Dem)
Bobby Schilling (Rep)
18 Aaron Schock Republican 2008 Running Aaron Schock (Rep)
Darrel Miller (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Peter Visclosky Democratic 1984 Running Peter Visclosky (Dem)
Mark Leyva (Rep)
2 Jackie Walorski Republican 2012 Running Jackie Walorski (Rep)
Joe Bock (Dem)
Travis Burns (Lib)
3 Marlin Stutzman Republican 2010 Running Marlin Stutzman (Rep)
Justin Kuhnle (Dem)
4 Todd Rokita Republican 2010 Running Todd Rokita (Rep)
John Dale (Dem)
5 Susan Brooks Republican 2012 Running Susan Brooks (Rep)
Shawn Denney (Dem)
6 Luke Messer Republican 2012 Running Luke Messer (Rep)
Susan Heitzman (Dem)
7 André Carson Democratic 2008 Running André Carson (Dem)
Catherine Ping (Rep)
8 Larry Bucshon Republican 2010 Running Larry Bucshon (Rep)
Tom Spangler (Dem)
Andrew Horning (Lib)
9 Todd Young Republican 2010 Running Todd Young (Rep)
Bill Bailey (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Bruce Braley Democratic 2006 Running for Senate Pat Murphy (Dem)
Rod Blum (Rep)
2 Dave Loebsack Democratic 2006 Running David Loebsack (Dem)
Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Rep)
3 Tom Latham Republican 1994 Retiring Brad Zaun (Rep)
Robert Cramer (Rep)
Matt Schultz (Rep)
Staci Appel (Dem)
4 Steve King Republican 2002 Running Steve King (Rep)
Jim Mowrer (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Results
1 Tim Huelskamp Republican 2010 Running Tim Huelskamp (Rep)
Alan LaPolice (Rep)
Bryan Whitney (Dem)
2 Lynn Jenkins Republican 2008 Running Lynn Jenkins (Rep)
Margie Wakefield (Dem)
Chris Clemmons (Lib)
3 Kevin Yoder Republican 2010 Running Kevin Yoder (Rep)
Kelly Kultala (Dem)
Reggie Marselus (Dem)
4 Mike Pompeo Republican 2010 Running Mike Pompeo (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Results
1 Ed Whitfield Republican 1994 Running Ed Whitfield (Rep)
2 Brett Guthrie Republican 2008 Running Brett Guthrie (Rep)
Ron Leach (Dem)
3 John Yarmuth Democratic 2006 Running John Yarmuth (Dem)
Michael Macfarlane (Rep)
4 Thomas Massie Republican 2012 Running Thomas Massie (Rep)
5 Hal Rogers Republican 1980 Running Hal Rogers (Rep)
Billy Ray Wilson (Dem)
6 Andy Barr Republican 2012 Running Andy Barr (Rep)
Michael Coblenz (Dem)
Elizabeth Jensen (Dem)
Geoff Young (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Steve Scalise Republican 2008 Running Steve Scalise (Rep)
Gary King (Lib)
2 Cedric Richmond Democratic 2010 Running Cedric Richmond (Dem)
Gary Landrieu (Dem)
3 Charles Boustany Republican 2004 Running Charles Boustany (Rep)
4 John Fleming Republican 2008 Running John Fleming (Rep)
Randall Lord (Lib)
5 Vance McAllister Republican 2013 Running Vance McAllister (Rep)
Henry Herford (Lib)
6 Bill Cassidy Republican 2008 Running for U.S. Senate Rob Bell (Rep)
Dan Claitor (Rep)
Paul Dietzel (Rep)
Cassie Felder (Rep)
Charles Thomas (Rep)
Quentin Anderson (Dem)
Richard Lieberman (Dem)
Rufus Craig (Lib)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Chellie Pingree Democratic 2008 Running Chellie Pingree (Dem)
Isaac Misiuk (Rep)
2 Mike Michaud Democratic 2002 Retiring Emily Cain (Dem)
Bruce Poliquin (Rep)
Blaine Richardson (Ind)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Andrew Harris Republican 2010 Running Andrew Harris (Rep)
Bill Tilghman (Dem)
2 Dutch Ruppersberger Democratic 2002 Running Dutch Ruppersberger (Dem)
Dave Banach (Rep)
Mark Shell (Lib)
Ian Schlakman (Grn)
Joseph Sperber (Ind)
3 John Sarbanes Democratic 2006 Running John Sarbanes (Dem)
Charles Long (Rep)
4 Donna Edwards Democratic 2008 Running Donna Edwards (Dem)
Nancy Hoyt {{Rep}
Arvin Vohra (Lib)
5 Steny Hoyer Democratic 1981 Running Steny Hoyer (Dem)
Chris Chaffee (Rep)
6 John Delaney Democratic 2012 Running John Delaney (Dem)
Daniel Bongino (Rep)
Walter Charlton (Ind)
George Gluck (Grn)
7 Elijah Cummings Democratic 1996 Running Elijah Cummings (Dem)
Corrogan Vaughn (Rep)
Scott Soffen (Lib)
8 Chris Van Hollen Democratic 2002 Running Chris Van Hollen (Dem)
Dave Wallace (Rep)
Steven Haddox (Lib)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Richard Neal Democratic 1988 Running Richard Neal (Dem)
2 Jim McGovern Democratic 1996 Running Jim McGovern (Dem)
Dan Dubrule (Rep)
3 Niki Tsongas Democratic 2007 Running Niki Tsongas (Dem)
Tim Imholt (Rep)
4 Joe Kennedy Democratic 2012 Running Joe Kennedy (Dem)
5 Katherine Clark Democratic 2013 Running Katherine Clark (Dem)
6 John Tierney Democratic 1996 Running John Tierney (Dem)
Marisa DeFranco (Dem)
Seth Moulton (Dem)
Richard Tisei (Rep)
7 Mike Capuano Democratic 1998 Running Mike Capuano (Dem)
8 Stephen Lynch Democratic 2001 Running Stephen Lynch (Dem)
9 Bill Keating Democratic 2010 Running Bill Keating (Dem)
Mark Alliegro (Rep)
John Chapman (Rep)
Vincent Cogliano, Jr. (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Bart Stupak Democrat 1992 Running Bart Stupak (Dem)
Dan Hooper (Dem)
2 Pete Hoekstra Republican 1992 Running Pete Hoekstra (Rep)
Kimon Kotos (Dem)
3 Vern Ehlers Republican 1993 Running Vern Ehlers (Rep)
Peter H. Hickey (Dem)
Jim Rinck (Dem)
4 Dave Camp Republican 1990 Running Dave Camp (Rep)
Mike Huckleberry (Dem)
5 Dale Kildee Democrat 1976 Running Dale Kildee (Dem)
Eric Klammer (Rep)
6 Fred Upton Republican 1986 Running Fred Upton (Rep)
Kim Clark (Dem)
7 Joe Schwarz Republican 2004 Running Joe Schwarz (Rep)
Tim Walberg (Rep)
Daryl Campbell (Dem)
Chuck Ream (Dem)
Sharon Reiner (Dem)
Fred Strack (Dem)
David Horn (Con)
8 Mike J. Rogers Republican 2000 Running Mike J. Rogers (Rep)
Patrick Flynn (Rep)
Jim Marcinkowski (Dem)
9 Joe Knollenberg Republican 1992 Running Joe Knollenberg (Rep)
Patricia Godchaux (Rep)
Nancy Skinner (Dem)
Dawne Aumann (Grn)
10 Candice Miller Republican 2002 Running Candice Miller (Rep)
Anthony America (Dem)
Rob Casey (Dem)
Robert Denison (Dem)
Don Ritchie (Dem)
11 Thad McCotter Republican 2002 Running Thad McCotter (Rep)
Tony Trupiano (Dem)
12 Sander Levin Democrat 1982 Running Sander Levin (Dem)
Randell Shafer (Rep)
13 Carolyn Kilpatrick Democrat 1996 Running Carolyn Kilpatrick (Dem) (unopposed)
14 John Conyers Jr. Democrat 1964 Running John Conyers Jr. (Dem)
Chad Miles (Rep)
15 John Dingell Democrat 1955 Running John Dingell (Dem) (unopposed)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Tim Walz Democratic 2006 Running Tim Walz (Dem)
Mike Benson (Rep)
Jim Hagedom (Rep)
Aaron Miller (Rep)
2 John Kline Republican 2002 Running John Kline (Rep)
Thomas Craft (Dem)
David Gerson (Rep)
Mike Obermueller (Dem)
Paula Overby (Dem)
3 Erik Paulsen Republican 2008 Running Erik Paulsen (Rep)
Sharon Sund (Dem)
4 Betty McCollum Democratic 2000 Running Betty McCollum (Dem)
5 Keith Ellison Democratic 2006 Running Keith Ellison (Dem)
6 Michele Bachmann Republican 2006 Retiring Judy Adams (Dem)
Tom Emmer (Rep)
Phil Krinkie (Rep)
Allan Levene (Rep)
Joe Perske (Dem)
Jim Read (Dem)
Rhonda Sivarajah (Rep)
7 Colin Peterson Democratic 1990 Running Colin Peterson (Dem)
Torrey Westrom (Rep)
8 Rick Nolan Democratic 2012 Running Rick Nolan (Dem)
Stewart Mills (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
1 Alan Nunnelee Republican 2010 Running Alan Nunnelee (Rep)
Ron Dickey (Dem)
Danny Bedwell (Lib)
2 Bennie Thompson Democratic 1992 Running Bennie Thompson (Dem)
3 Gregg Harper Republican 2008 Running Gregg Harper (Rep)
Douglas Magee (Dem)
Dennis Quinn (Dem)
4 Steven Palazzo Republican 2010 Running Steven Palazzo (Rep)
Matt Moore (Dem)
Joey Robinson (Lib)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Lacy Clay Democratic 2000 Running Lacy Clay (Dem)
Martin Baker (Rep)
Daniel Elder (Rep)
David Koehr (Rep)
Robb Cunningham (Lib)
2 Ann Wagner Republican 2012 Running Ann Wagner (Rep)
Arthur Lieber (Dem)
Bill Slantz (Lib)
3 Blaine Luetkemeyer Republican 2008 Running Blaine Luetkemeyer (Rep)
Leonard Steinman (Rep)
John Morris (Rep)
Joe Frost (Rep)
Velma Steinman (Dem)
Courtney Denton (Dem)
Steven Hedrick (Lib)
4 Vicky Hartzler Republican 2010 Running Vicky Hartzler (Rep)
John Webb (Rep)
Nate Irvin (Dem)
Herschel Young (Lib)
Randy Langkraehr (Lib)
5 Emanuel Cleaver Democratic 2004 Running Emanuel Cleaver (Dem)
Michael Burris (Rep)
Bill Lindsey (Rep)
Berton Knox (Rep)
Samuel Alao (Rep)
Jacob Turk (Rep)
Roy Welborn (Lib)
6 Sam Graves Republican 2000 Running Sam Graves (Rep)
Kyle Reid (Rep)
Brian Tharp ((Rep)
Christopher Ryan ((Rep)
Bill Hedge (Dem)
Edward Fields (Dem)
Gary Crose (Dem)
Russ Monchil (Lib)
7 Billy Long Republican 2010 Running Billy Long (Rep)
Jim Evans (Dem)
Genevieve Williams (Dem)
Kevin Craig (Lib)
Vincent Jennings (Ind)
8 Jason Smith Republican 2013 Running Jason Smith (Rep)
Barbara Stocker (Dem)
Rick Vandeven (Lib)
Doug Enyart (Con)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
At-Large Steve Daines Republican 2012 Retiring Ryan Zinke (Rep)
John Lewis (Dem)
Mike Fellows (Lib)
Shawn White Wolf (Ind)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Jeff Fortenberry Republican 2004 Running Jeff Fortenberry (Rep)
Dennis Crawford (Dem)
2 Lee Terry Republican 1998 Running Lee Terry (Rep)
Brad Ashford (Dem)
Andy Shambaugh (Lib)
3 Adrian Smith Republican 2006 Running Adrian Smith (Rep)
Mark Sullivan (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Dina Titus Democrat 2012 Running Dina Titus (Dem)
Annette Teijeiro (Rep)
Richard Charles (Lib)
Kamau Bakari (Independent American Party of Nevada)
2 Mark Amodei Republican 2011 Running Mark Amodei (Rep)
Kristen Spees (Dem)
Janine Hansen (Independent American Party of Nevada)
3 Joe Heck Republican 2010 Running Joe Heck (Rep)
Erin Bilbray (Dem)
Steven St. John (Ind)
Randy Kimmick (Lib)
4 Steven Horsford Democratic 2012 Running Steven Horsford (Dem)
Cresent Hardy (Rep)
Steve Brown (Lib)

New Hampshire[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Carol Shea-Porter Democratic 2012 Running Carol Shea-Porter (Dem)
Frank Guinta (Rep)
Dan Innis (Rep)
2 Ann McLane Kuster Democratic 2012 Running Ann McLane Kuster (Dem)
Marilinda Garcia (Rep)
Gary Lambert (Rep)

New Jersey[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 open seat Donald Norcross (Dem)
Garry Cobb (Rep)
2 Frank LoBiondo Republican 1994 Running Frank LoBiondo (Rep)
William Hughes (Dem)
3 Jon Runyan Republican 2010 Retiring Tom MacArthur (Rep)
Aimee Belgard (Dem)
4 Chris Smith Republican 1980 Running Chris Smith (Rep)
Ruben Scolavino (Dem)
5 Scott Garrett Republican 2000 Running Scott Garrett (Rep)
Roy Cho (Dem)
6 Frank Pallone Democratic 1988 Running Frank Pallone (Dem)
Anthony Wilkinson (Rep)
7 Leonard Lance Republican 2000 Running Leonard Lance (Rep)
Janice Kovach (Dem)
8 Albio Sires Democratic 2006 Running Albio Sires (Dem)
Jude Tiscornia (Rep)
9 Bill Pascrell Democratic 1996 Running Bill Pascrell (Dem)
Dierdre Paul (Rep)
10 Donald Payne, Jr. Democratic 2012 Running Donald Payne, Jr. (Dem)
Yolanda Dentley (Rep)
11 Rodney Frelinghuysen Republican 1994 Running Rodney Frelinghuysen (Rep)
Mark Dunec (Dem)
12 Rush D. Holt, Jr. Democratic 1998 Retiring Bonnie Coleman (Dem)
Alieta Eck (Rep)

New Mexico[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Michelle Luján Grisham Democratic 2012 Running Michelle Luján Grisham (Dem)
Mike Freese (Rep)
Mike McEntee (Rep)
Richard Prim (Rep)
2 Steve Pearce Republican 2010 Running Steve Pearce (Rep)
Leslie Endean-Singh (Dem)
Rocky Lara (Dem)
3 Ben Ray Luján Democratic 2008 Running Ben Ray Luján (Dem)

New York[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Tim Bishop Democrat 2002 Running Tim Bishop (Dem)
Italo Zanzi (Rep)
2 Steve Israel Democrat 2000 Running Steve Israel (Dem)
Josh Price (Rep)
3 Peter King Republican 1992 Running Peter King (Rep)
Jim Brown (Grn)
4 Carolyn McCarthy Democrat 1996 Running Carolyn McCarthy (Dem) unopposed
5 Gary Ackerman Democrat 1983 Running Gary Ackerman (Dem) unopposed
6 Gregory W. Meeks Democrat 1998 Running Gregory W. Meeks (Dem) unopposed
7 Joseph Crowley Democrat 1998 Running Joseph Crowley (Dem) unopposed
8 Jerrold Nadler Democrat 1992 Running Jerrold Nadler (Dem) unopposed
9 Anthony Weiner Democrat 1998 Running Anthony Weiner (Dem) unopposed
10 Ed Towns Democrat 1982 Running Ed Towns (Dem)
Charles Barron (Dem)
Kevin Powell (Dem)
11 Major Owens Democrat 1982 Retiring Carl Andrews (Dem)
Yvette Clarke (Dem)
Chris Owens (Dem)
Nick Perry (Dem)
David Yassky (Dem)
12 Nydia Velazquez Democrat 1992 Running Nydia Velazquez (Dem) unopposed
13 Vito Fossella Republican 1997 Running Vito Fossella (Rep)
Steve Harrison (Dem)
14 Carolyn Maloney Democrat 1992 Running Carolyn Maloney (Dem) unopposed
15 Charles B. Rangel Democrat 1970 Running Charles B. Rangel (Dem) unopposed
16 Jose Serrano Democrat 1990 Running Jose Serrano (Dem) unopposed
17 Eliot Engel Democrat 1988 Running Eliot Engel (Dem) unopposed
18 Nita Lowey Democrat 1988 Running Nita Lowey (Dem) unopposed
19 Sue Kelly Republican 1994 Running Sue Kelly (Rep)
Judy Aydelott (Dem)
Jim Matarano (Dem)
Ben Shuldiner (Dem)
20 John Sweeney Republican 1998 Running John Sweeney (Rep)
Kirsten Rutnik Gillibrand (Dem)
Morris N. Guller (Dem)
Edwin A. Pell III (Dem)
21 Mike McNulty Democrat 1988 Running Mike McNulty (Dem)
Warren Redlich (Rep)
22 Maurice Hinchey Democrat 1992 Running Maurice Hinchey (Dem)
William Brenner (Rep)
23 John McHugh Republican 1992 Running John McHugh (Rep)
Robert J. Johnson (Dem)
24 Sherwood Boehlert Republican 1982 Retiring Brad Jones (Rep)
Ray Meier (Rep)
Mike Arcuri (Dem)
Les Roberts (Dem)
25 James T. Walsh Republican 1988 Running James T. Walsh (Rep)
Ken Howland (Dem)
Dan Maffei (Dem)
26 Tom Reynolds Republican 1998 Running Tom Reynolds (Rep)
Jack Davis (Dem)
27 Brian Higgins Democrat 2004 Running Brian Higgins (Dem)
Michael J. McHale (Rep)
28 Louise Slaughter Democrat 1986 Running Louise Slaughter (Dem) unopposed
29 Randy Kuhl Republican 2004 Running Randy Kuhl (Rep)
Eric Massa (Dem)

North Carolina[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 G. K. Butterfield Democratic 2004 Running G.K. Butterfield (Dem)
Arthur Rich (Rep)
2 Renee Ellmers Republican 2010 Running Renee Ellmers (Rep)
Clay Aiken (Dem)
3 Walter Jones Republican 1994 Running Walter Jones (Rep)
Marshall Adame (Dem)
4 David Price Democratic 1986-1994
Running David Price (Dem)
Paul Wright (Rep)
5 Virginia Foxx Republican 2004 Running Virginia Foxx (Rep)
Josh Brannon (Dem)
Gardenia Henley (Dem)
6 Howard Coble Republican 1984 Retiring Phil Berger, Jr. (Rep)
Mark Walker (Rep)
Laura Fjeld (Dem)
7 Mike McIntyre Democratic 1996 Retiring Jonathan Barfield, Jr. (Dem)
David Rouzer (Rep)
Wesley Casteen (Lib)
8 Richard Hudson Republican 2012 Running Richard Hudson (Rep)
Antonio Blue (Dem)
9 Robert Pittenger Republican 2012 Running Robert Pittenger (Rep)
10 Patrick McHenry Republican 2004 Running Patrick McHenry (Rep)
Tate MacQueen, IV (Dem)
11 Mark Meadows Republican 2012 Running Mark Meadows (Rep)
Tom Hill (Dem)
12 Vacant Alma Adams (Dem)
Vince Coakley (Rep)
13 George Holding Republican 2012 Running George Holding (Rep)
Brenda Cleary (Dem)

North Dakota[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
At-Large Kevin Cramer Republican 2012 Running Kevin Cramer (Rep)
Jack Seaman (Lib)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Steve Chabot Republican 1994 Running Steve Chabot (Rep)
Fred Kundrata (Dem)
2 Brad Wenstrup Republican 2012 Running Brad Wenstrup (Rep)
Marek Tyszkiewicz (Dem)
3 Joyce Beatty Democratic 2012 Running Joyce Beatty (Dem)
John Adams (Rep)
4 Jim Jordan Republican 2006 Running Jim Jordan (Rep)
5 Bob Latta Republican 2007 Running Bob Latta (Rep)
Robert Fry (Dem)
6 Bill Johnson Republican 2010 Running Bill Johnson (Rep)
Jennifer Garrison (Dem)
7 Bob Gibbs Republican 2010 Running Bob Gibbs (Rep)
8 John Boehner Republican 1990 Running John Boehner (Rep)
Tom Poetter (Dem)
9 Marcy Kaptur Democratic 1982 Running Marcy Kaptur (Dem)
Richard May (Rep)
10 Mike Turner Republican 2002 Running Mike Turner (Rep)
Robert Klepinger (Dem)
11 Marcia Fudge Democratic 2008 Running Marcia Fudge (Dem)
Mark Zetzer (Rep)
12 Patrick Tiberi Republican 2000 Running Patrick Tiberi (Rep)
David Tibbs (Dem)
Bob Hart (Grn)
13 Tim Ryan Democratic 2002 Running Tim Ryan (Dem)
14 David Joyce Republican 2012 Running David Joyce (Rep)
Michael Wager (Dem)
15 Steve Stivers Republican 2010 Running Steve Stivers (Rep)
Richard Scott Wharton (Dem)
16 Jim Renacci Republican 2010 Running Jim Renacci (Rep)
Pete Crossland (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Jim Bridenstine Republican 2012 Running Jim Bridenstine (Rep)
2 Markwayne Mullin Republican 2012 Running Markwayne Mullin (Rep)
Earl Everett (Dem)
Jon Douthitt (Ind)
3 Frank Lucas Republican 1994 Running Frank Lucas (Rep)
Frankie Robbins (Dem)
4 Tom Cole Republican 2002 Running Tom Cole (Rep)
Bert Smith (Dem)
Dennis Johnson (Ind)
5 James Lankford Republican 2010 Running for Senate Steve Russell (Rep)
Patrice Douglas (Rep)
Tom Guild (Dem)
Al McAffrey (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Suzanne Bonamici Democratic 2012 Running Suzanne Bonamici (Dem)
2 Greg Walden Republican 1998 Running Greg Walden (Rep)
Dennis Linthicum (Rep)
Frank Vulliet (Dem)
3 Earl Blumenauer Democratic 1996 Running Earl Blumenauer (Dem)
James Buchal (Rep)
4 Peter DeFazio Democratic 1986 Running Peter DeFazio (Dem)
Art Robinson (Rep)
5 Kurt Schrader Democratic 2008 Running Kurt Schrader (Dem)
Nathan Page (Rep)
Ben Pollock (Rep)
Tootie Smith (Rep)


Main Article: Pennsylvania United States House of Representatives election, 2014

Rhode Island[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 David Cicilline Democratic 2010 Running David Cicilline (Dem)
2 James Langevin Democratic 2000 Running James Langevin (Dem)
Rhue Reis (Rep)

South Carolina[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Mark Sanford Republican 2013 Running Mark Sanford (Rep)
Dimitri Cherny (Ind)
2 Joe Wilson Republican 2000 Running Joe Wilson (Rep)
Phil Black (Dem)
3 Jeff Duncan Republican 2010 Running Jeff Duncan (Rep)
Barbara Jo Mullis (Dem)
4 Trey Gowdy Republican 2010 Running Trey Gowdy (Rep)
Curtis McLaughlin (Lib)
5 Mick Mulvaney Republican 2010 Running Mick Mulvaney (Rep)
Tom Adams (Dem)
Robert McGee (Ind)
6 Jim Clyburn Democratic 1992 Running Jim Clyburn (Dem)
Anthony Culler (Rep)
Kevin Umbaugh (Lib)
7 Tom Rice Republican 2012 Running Tom Rice (Rep)
Gloria Tinubu (Dem)

South Dakota[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
At-Large Kristi Noem Republican 2010 Running Kristi Noem (Rep)
Corinna Robinson (Dem)


Main Article: US House Elections in Tennessee, 2014


Main Article: Texas US House elections, 2014


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Rob Bishop Republican 2002 Running Rob Bishop (Rep)
Donna McAleer (Dem)
Craig Bowden (Lib)
Dwayne Vance (Ind. American)
2 Chris Stewart Republican 2012 Running Chris Stewart (Rep)
Luz Robles (Dem)
Shaun McCausland (Con)
Bill Barron (Ind)
Wayne Hill (Ind. American)
3 Jason Chaffetz Republican 2008 Running Jason Chaffetz (Rep)
Brian Wonnacott (Dem)
Ben Mates (Ind)
Stephen Tyron (Ind)
Abraham Strong (Ind. American)
Zach Strong (Ind. American)
4 Jim Matheson Democratic 2000 Retiring Doug Owens (Dem)
Mia Love (Rep)
Jim Vein (Lib)
Collin Robert Simonsen (Con)
Tim Aalders (Ind. American)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
At-Large Peter Welch Democratic 2006 Running Peter Welch (Dem)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Rob Wittman Republican 2007 Running Rob Wittman (Rep)
Xavian Draper (Lib)
2 Scott Rigell Republican 2010 Running Scott Rigell (Rep)
Suzanne Patrick (Dem)
Allen Knapp (Lib)
3 Bobby Scott Democratic 1992 Running Bobby Scott (Dem)
Justin Upshaw (Lib)
Justin Gandino-Saadein (Ind)
4 Randy Forbes Republican 2001 Running Randy Forbes (Rep)
Bo Brown (Lib)
5 Robert Hurt Republican 2010 Running Robert Hurt (Rep)
Lawrence Gaughan (Dem)
Paul Jones (Lib)
Kenneth Hildebrandt (Grn)
6 Bob Goodlatte Republican 1992 Running Bob Goodlatte (Rep)
Paul Bevington (Ind)
Will Hammer (Lib)
7 Eric Cantor Republican 2000 Incumbent lost renomination Dave Brat (Rep)
Jack Trammell (Dem)
James Carr (Lib)
Mike Dickinson (Ind)
8 Jim Moran Democratic 1990 Retiring Don Beyer (Dem)
Micah Edmond (Rep)
Jeffrey Carson (Lib)
Gwendolyn Beck (Ind)
9 Morgan Griffith Republican 2010 Running Morgan Griffith (Rep)
Matthew Edwards (Lib)
10 Frank Wolf Republican 1980 Retiring Barbara Comstock (Rep)
John Foust (Dem)
Bill Redpath (Lib)
11 Gerry Connolly Democratic 2008 Running Gerry Connolly (Dem)
Suzanne Scholte (Rep)
Marc Harrold (Lib)
Joe Galdo (Grn)
Mark Gibson (Ind)


Main Article: United States House of Representatives elections in Washington, 2014

West Virginia[]

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 David McKinley Republican 2010 Running David McKinley (Rep)
Glen Gainer (Dem)
David Moran (Lib)
2 Shelley Moore Capito Republican 2000 Retiring Alex Mooney (Rep)
Nick Casey (Dem)
Davy Jones (Lib)
3 Nick Rahall Democratic 1976 Running Nick Rahall (Dem)
Evan Jenkins (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Paul Ryan Republican 1998 Running Paul Ryan (Rep)
Amar Kaleka (Dem)
Rob Zerban (Dem)
2 Mark Pocan Democratic 2012 Running Mark Pocan (Dem)
3 Ron Kind Democratic 1996 Running Ron Kind (Dem)
4 Gwen Moore Democratic 2004 Running Gwen Moore (Dem)
Dan Sebring (Rep)
5 Jim Sensenbrenner Republican 1978 Running Jim Sensenbrenner (Rep)
Dave Heaster (Dem)
6 Tom Petri Republican 1979 Running Tom Petri (Rep)
Glenn Grothman (Rep)
7 Sean Duffy Republican 2010 Running Sean Duffy (Rep)
Kelly Westlund (Dem)
8 Reid Ribble Republican 2010 Running Reid Ribble (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Candidates
At-Large Cynthia Lummis Republican 2008 Running Cynthia Lummis (Rep)


District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
American Samoa
At Large
Eni Faleomavaega Democrat 1988 Running Eni Faleomavaega (Dem) unopposed
District of Columbia
At Large
Eleanor Holmes Norton Democrat 1990 Running Eleanor Holmes Norton (Dem)
Andy Miscuk (Dem)
At Large
Madeleine Bordallo Democrat 2002 Running Madeleine Bordallo (Dem) unopposed
Puerto Rico
At Large
Luis Fortuño New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico/ Republican 2004 Running Luis Fortuño (PNP/ Rep) unopposed
U.S. Virgin Islands
At Large
Donna Christian-Christensen Democrat 1996 Running Donna Christian-Christensen (Dem) unopposed

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