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History of the Libertarian Party

The United States Libertarian Party is a leading third party of the U.S. Their platform can often be simplified as "Classical Liberalism", or socially liberal and economically conservative (contemporary conservative economics are ironically derived from the works of early liberals). Their platform is based on support for individual responsibility, civil liberties and free markets.


  • War in Iraq

The Libertarian party supports a timetable for troop withdrawal in a prompt manner from the Iraq war, arguing that U.S troop presence is the unifying factor for militant islamists and that the Iraqi's must take responsibility for their own country. They have argued against going into the war in the first place, arguing that foreign intervention should only come about when the U.S is directly attacked.

  • Social Welfare

The LP opposes all forms of social welfare as an attack on personal responsibility including Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps, etc. The programs can create dependency as well as a bloated and corrupt bureaucracy.

  • War on Drugs

Again arguing in the favor of personal responsibility, the LP would see the end of the drug prohibition. It argues that the prohibition not only infringes on our personal rights but comes at an immense cost to those who may have no part in it. The drug prohibition causes the filling of prisons and diversion of police forces who could be doing more useful tasks. It also creates a legal vacuum which is filled by illegal drug sellers, whose smuggling process and turf wars cause irreperable damage, especially in impoverished neighborhoods. In addition, drugs sold illegally are created in unsafe processes which make them more dangerous to use.

Questions/Comments & Answers[]


If the Libertarians are opposed to public welfare, what do you do with all the people who are stuck in the middle--those who were raised in a culture dependent on government welfare and were not given the proper education and opportunities to make it without welfare?

Answer There will still be people who could really use help in life. One idea is that without the burden of taxes there would be more charitable giving. Charities are much more efficient and effective at helping people because, among other reasons, there is no feeling of entitlement from the recipents. Many church welfare programs can be seen as an example of this.

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