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On November 4, 2014, elections for the United States Senate are to be held, with 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested. Senators are elected for six-year terms, and the term of office for those elected in 2014 will be from January 3, 2015 until January 3, 2021.

The 2014 House election was scheduled for the same date as the Senate election, as well as many state and local elections, including those for 36 state governors.

Complete list of Senate contests in 2014[]

State Incumbent First elected Status Competing candidates Approval rating margin [1] Latest RCP rating (6/7/2014) [2]
Alabama Jeff Sessions (Rep) 1996 Running None +7 Safe Republican
Alaska Mark Begich (Dem) 2008 Running Todd Chretien (Grn)
Jim Gilchrist (AIP)
Don Grundman (AIP)
Michael Metti (Lib)
Dick Mountjoy (Rep)
-1 Toss-up
Arkansas Mark Pryor (Dem) 2002 Running Tom Cotton (Rep)
Nathan LaFrance (Lib)
Mark Swaney (Grn)
-8 Toss-up
Colorado Mark Udall (Dem) 2008 Running Colin Bonini (Rep)
Mike Protack (Rep)
Jan Ting (Rep)
+1 Toss-up
Delaware Chris Coons (Dem) 2010 (special) Running None N/A Safe Democratic
Georgia Saxby Chambliss (Rep) 2002 Retiring Ed Case (Dem) -8 Toss-up
Hawaii (special) Brian Schatz (Dem) 2012 (appointed) Running Steve Osborn (L) N/A Likely Democratic
Idaho Jim Risch (Rep) 2008 Running Nels Mitchell (Dem) N/A Safe Republican
Illinois Dick Durbin (Dem) 1996 Running Jim Oberweis (Rep)
Sharon Hansen (Lib)
Chad Koppie (Con)
Omar Lopez (Grn)
+6 Safe Democratic
Iowa Tom Harkin (Dem) 1984 Retiring Kenneth Chase (Rep)
Kevin Scott (Rep)
+9 Toss-up
Kansas Pat Roberts (Rep) 1996 Running Mike Bouchard (R)
Keith Bulter (R)
David Sole (Grn)
N/A Likely Republican
Kentucky Mitch McConnell (Rep) 1984 Running Ben Powers (Con)
Amy Klobuchar (DFL)
Mark Kennedy (Rep)
-14 Toss-up
Louisiana Mary Landrieu (Dem) 1996 Running Bill Bowlin (Dem)
Erik Fleming (Dem)
-15 Toss-up
Maine Susan Collins (Rep) 1996 Running Shenna Bellows (Dem)
Erick Bennett (Ind)
+34 Safe Republican
Massachusetts Ed Markey (Dem) 2013 (special) Running Jon Tester (Dem) ±0 Safe Democratic
Michigan Carl Levin (Dem) 1978 Retiring Pete Ricketts (Rep) +13 Leans Democratic
Minnesota Al Franken (Dem) 2008 Running Jack Carter (Dem) +8 Likely Democratic
Mississippi Thad Cochran (Rep) 1978 Running Thomas Kean, Jr. (Rep) +4 Likely Republican
Montana John Walsh (Dem) 2014 (appointed) Running Steve Daines (Rep)
Roger Roots (Lib)
Sam Rankin (Ind)
N/A Leans Republican
Nebraska Mike Johanns (Rep) 2008 Retiring Ben Sasse (Rep)
David Domina (Dem)
Jim Jenkins (Ind)
Todd Watson (Ind)
+25 Safe Republican
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen (Dem) 2008 Running Dwight Grotberg (R) +1 Leans Democratic
New Jersey Cory Booker (Dem) 2013 (special) Running Sherrod Brown (D) N/A Safe Democratic
New Mexico Tom Udall (Dem) 2008 Running Allen Weh (Rep) +19 Safe Democratic
North Carolina Kay Hagan (Dem) 2008 Running Thom Tillis (Rep)
Sean Haugh (Lib)
-7 Toss-up
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe (Rep) 1994 (special) Running Ed Bryant (R)
Van Hilleary (R)
Bob Corker (R)
Harold Ford, Jr. (D)
N/A Safe Republican
Oklahoma (special) Tom Coburn (Rep) 2004 Resigning Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D) N/A Safe Republican
Oregon Jeff Merkley (Dem) 2008 Running Monica Wehby (Rep)
Karl King (Ind)
+15 Leans Democratic
Rhode Island Jack Reed (Dem) 1996 Running None +32 Safe Democratic
South Carolina Lindsey Graham (Rep) 2002 Running James H. Webb (D)
Gail Parker (IG)
+8 Safe Republican
South Carolina (special) Tim Scott (Rep) 2013 (appointed) Running Mike McGavick (R)
Hong Tran (D)
Aaron Dixon (G)
Bruce Guthrie (L)
N/A Safe Republican
South Dakota Tim Johnson (Dem) 1996 Retiring Rick Weiland (Dem)
Mike Rounds (Rep)
Larry Pressler (Ind)
-1 Likely Republican
Tennessee Lamar Alexander (Rep) 2002 Running Robert Lorge (R)
Rae Vogeler (G)
+21 Safe Republican
Texas John Cornyn (Rep) 2002 Running Dale Groutage (D) -9 Safe Republican
Virginia Mark Warner (Dem) 2008 Running Ed Gillespie (Rep)
Robert Sarvis (Lib)
+19 Likely Democratic
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller (Dem) 1984 Retiring Shelley Moore Capito (Rep)
Natalie Tennant (Dem)
Phil Hudok (Con)
-1 Likely Republican
Wyoming Mike Enzi (R) 1996 Running Thomas Bleming (Rep)
Charlie Hardy (Dem)
Rex Wilde (Dem)
Curt Gottshall (Ind)
+30 Safe Republican

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