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Chad Lupkes
Running for [[]]
in 2007
Political party: Democrat
State: Washington
Born: 05/29/1969

Chad Lupkes is a political activist in Seattle, Washington, USA. I am the lead volunteer admin for Campaigns Wikia.

I am a strong political progressive, but what that means to me is not issue specific. Here is what it means to me.

  1. Grassroots Democracy
  2. The concept of WE
  3. Learn from the past
  4. Plan for the future
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Fairness
  7. Opportunity
  8. Strong Foundations


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I thought I would share some background on where my values come from.

Life is, among other things, an elimination contest. We get eliminated from this and that and from them and him and her; and finally a germ or faulty pump valve eliminates them altogether. A few find the contest so disagreeable that they eliminate themselves. They are the 24-karat fools who miss the important point about it all; namely, that the major meaning of life is the opportunity to strive and struggle: an opportunity forever denied inanimate things. Striving and struggling implies that the striver is aiming to do something he is not doing now, or get somewhere different than where he is now.
Wayne V. Brandon - My grandfather. This is from a letter to Paul Brandon in 1964.

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Who do you think should be in the Cabinet of the US Government? Here's my list:

Issue positionsEdit

Issue Chadlupkes
Agriculture supports family farms

supports organic farming
supports farmland preservation
opposes huge corporation farms

America in the Middle East supports exit from Afghanistan

supports the Arab Spring uprisings as long as they stay non-violent

Capital Punishment opposes
Choice supports
Drug policy reform supports
Economy supports small businesses

supports prosecution of corporate criminals
increased miniumum wage
balanced national budget

Education supports NCLB reform

supports financial aid reform
supports higher salaries for teachers
opposes vouchers and charter schools

Energy supports hybrid and alternative fuels

supports a complete civilization wide change to renewable energy sources
opposes ANWR drilling

Environmental protection supports open space protection

supports reduced emissions
supports reforestation
supports clean up efforts of superfund sites, and an expansion of the definition of superfund

Health care supports medical liability reform

supports fixing Medicare prescription Plan D
supports national single payer health insurance

Illegal Immigration supports enforcing existing immigration laws

supports prosecuting business owners who hire illegals
supports protecting the border
opposes building a wall

Same-sex marriage supports
Stem cell research supports
Taxation opposes marriage tax penalty

supports the estate tax ($>10 million)
supports tax cuts for middle and working classes
opposes tax cuts for upper class



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