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Running for Knowledgeable citizen
United States
in 2006
Political party: Independent
State: Pennsylvania
Opponent(s): Ignorance
Born: not yesterday
suburb of Philadelphia

My name is Jim. I am not Jimbo Wales, so I may get confused if you address "Jim" sans "bo" and/or "Wales." I also do some stuff on Wikipedia, and you can check out my pile of userboxes there if it pleases you.

I will be editing a lot less now that school has started. Sorry, all. I'll still be around, just less than before. If you want to help with my homework, don't hesitate to volunteer!

I live in Pennsylvania, so I contribute a lot to that part of the wiki. I will be taking a class on United States government and politics, so if you have any questions about stuff of that nature, I'll be a handy reference.

I will allow any and all points of view, because I believe in the freedom of expression. This does not mean favoring one side over the other, just permitting both sides to discuss their points. If you can't respect other people's opinions, or at least allow them to state them, I suggest you find another website.

Feel free to contact me on my discussion page or via e-mail with any comments, suggestions, or death threats {{humor}}.

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I promise I will not vote for any candidate, no matter what party, in the 2006 elections. I do this partially to promote bipartisanship and multipartisanship. However, it's mostly because I do not have the right to vote, even though, through this project, I may be many times more well-informed than others.

My various opinions:Edit

Issue Jfingers88
Abortion opposes
Agriculture supports family farms
supports farmland preservation
opposes huge corporation farms
America in the Middle East supports exit from Iraq
Capital Punishment opposes
Drug policy reform opposes
Economy supports small businesses
increased miniumum wage
balanced national budget
Education supports NCLB reform
supports financial aid reform
supports higher salaries for teachers
supports vouchers
Energy supports hybrid and alternative fuels
opposes ANWR drilling
Environmental protection supports open space protection
supports reduced emissions
supports reforestation
Health care supports medical liability reform
supports fixing Medicare prescription Plan D
supports universal health care
Illegal Immigration unsure
Same-sex marriage unsure
Stem cell research supports non-embryonic
Taxation opposes marriage tax penalty and death tax
supports tax cuts for middle and working classes
opposes tax cuts for upper class


  • Euthanasia
  • Partisan bickering
  • Attack ads in campaigns


If you feel something is missing and you wish to know my opinion on the issue, let me know.

It is less important what your take on this or another political issue is. It is more important fot other to know why you take this or other stand. Could you write in two sentenses

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