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valualism is similer to bertering.

Inovvater is .[Okada]

That is very new idea I think It is not fit for Wikipedia so I wite about it below.

Capitalism is valuing somethin with money.

Valualism is exchange value without money.

Toshio said, exchange something into money ,then exchange to goods again,imakes loss.

In valualism ,Value is propaty.

That is not contradicting against capitalism. Someone, capitalism beliver can use money in valualism to guess human balue.In valualism money is not onlyscale to value his value. In capitalism (Now) ,Value means contain ; guess something value of money. In valualism that mean is change, value means:exactry value something value reagard his owne faith.

Living model in Valualism[]

FREEex enterprise of valualism[]

Mr.Otaking (toshio)FREEex style companey That called OTAKINGex.

That company system is employee pay salary to employer,That is not joke Labor pay money to CEO.Then Toshio uses this money to daily life that is not restricted.For example NPO or NGO are restricted salaly or how to use donation. but this system is inot restricted.. And His book and lecture is all free, Even though take only substaintial cost.

employee are earn money in capitalism. Then pay it to Okada's value.

Employee works for president with out pay, then employer theach skill to employee.Sometime he gives something to employee.

That company is bridge of capitalism and valualism ,

How to augument own propaty.[]

In valualism , value is propaty ,that inclute how much money does he have. To augument his value there are many way.

For example. Try to be good person for nabor. Okada sail that is Strategy of good person.

In valualism . looks (surface) good is good at augumant his value.Because value mean in valualism is scalable value for opponent. In valualism people will want to take this strateg .So he guess the world canges more better.