Washington population map
Date of statehood:
11 November 1889
Capital: Olympia
Population: 5,894,121 (2000)
Number of US Representatives: 9
Number of Electoral votes: 11
State Legislature
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 State House size
State officials
 US Senators

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Washington State has been a swing state for a number of election cycles. While voting strongly for Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004, the 2004 Governor's race between Christine Gregoire (D) and Dino Rossi (R) was one of the closest elections in US History, with the final tally only 129 votes difference. Gregoire won.

With the Governor's mansion in Democratic Party hands, along with wins in the US Senate race, 6 of 9 US House races and state senate and house races, Washington is firmly blue. The Democrats have strong majorities in the State House and Senate. Wikipedia has much more information.

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Washington State had the following elections in 2006.

Washington State 2006 Elections

Primary (Sept 19) - General (Nov 7)

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