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The 2006 Washington State Primary election will be held on September 19th. The following is a list of important races. For the complete list of candidates, please see the links on the Washington State page.

US Senate[]

Main Article: Washington US Senate election, 2006


  • Maria Cantwell - Incumbent, won primary with 90.8980% of the vote.
  • Hong Tran - Challenger, lost primary with 5.0880% of the vote.


  • Mike McGavick - General challenger, won primary with 85.8396% of the vote.

US House[]

Main Article: Washington United States House of Representatives elections, 2006

No major primary contests are being held this year. All the action is in the General.

Washington State Supreme Court[]

Main Article: Washington State Supreme Court Elections, 2006

Washington State Senate[]

Main Article: Washington State Senate elections, 2006

Washington State House[]

Main Article: Washington State House elections, 2006

43rd Legislative District

Six candidates are vying for Seat 1

Important local races in Primary[]

Main Article: Washington State Local elections, 2006

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