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5500 years of human ingenuity have influenced our understanding of what is normal. 5500 years of human ignorance have trapped us in a wheel culture.

We Walk to Work promotes a sustainable alternative. We Walk to Work encourages us to walk more.

Begin every day, every week or every month with a walk to your workplace. Step-by-step, you will change your understanding of what is normal. Walking is an ideal form of commuting to and from work, especially if you live within three kilometers of the workplace.

Walking instead of driving:

  • reduces traffic congestion and need for parking
  • reduces fuel consumption and commuting costs
  • improves air quality and reduces global warming
  • improves our health and well being
  • gives us the opportunity to socialize with other walkers
  • raises our awareness of speed
  • raises our environmental concern
  • gives us the opportunity to create more vibrant neighbourhoods
  • ...

We Walk to Work demands improved walking conditions for all commuters and non-commuters!

Help us spread the word!

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