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Kinky Friedman has earned the right to be placed on the ballot for the state elections coming up November 7, 2006. Kinky is running as an independent candidate for Governor of Texas, to be the first elected since Sam Houston in 1859. I have been a volunteer campaign worker out of the Fort Worth, Texas office since October, 2005. Our team has held numerous petition signing events and is now soliciting contributions to support the campaign.

Kinky Friedman will not talk to lobbyists or take any PAC money. This is the cornerstone of the campaign. Kinky is a little rough around the edges, but he is a kind and honest man. Ethics are foremost in Mr. Friedman's practiced values. The Texas Ethics Commission website shows the "money trail" of all candidates and elected officials. By following the money, you can see how your elected officials will most likely vote. When these facts are used in committee hearings to pass, table or reject legislation, it is more likely that testifying citizens can hold sway over the monied lobbyists representing the varied special interests.

A small amount of time can be invested by citizens to push the lobbyists out of the capitol. The Texas Legislature has an excellent online presence that can be used for two-way communication between members of the House and Senate, and their constituents at home. The lobbyists could be put aside if citizens would simply spend as much time making the news as they do watching the news.

The campaign is fast-paced, and an excellent place for young people to get involved in politics. Us Baby Boomers had our causes when we were young, and worked hard to to see the results we desired. It's the "Me" generation's turn to become the "We" generation. Get involved.

At this writing, there are 122 days until the election. Truth and ethics have an opportunity to return to our political system. Please participate where you have the passion to make a difference.

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