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Whatever the reason it seems to me that a law without enforcement is like having no law at all. Without laws there would be chaos. The same holds true if we don’t obey the law and no one enforces the law.

This country is in a state of chaos. No one enforces the speed laws; they just put in speed bumps and obstacles. Some states have laws against fireworks but they are not enforced. There are laws against to much noise. Go to a movie today and your hearing is assaulted. You can’t watch TV in your own living room without being disturbed by the BOOM BOOM of someone’s car radio being played at an illegal volume. The list goes on and on.

We have become accustomed to people breaking the law that we have become complacent about our elected officials enforcing them. Our national elected senators and president are not even considering one law that the American people want enforced and it is the Immigration laws. If we as a nation don’t want our culture to be changed in the way that it has been then we need to make sure that enforcement of this law is a political issue of the first priority. The immigration laws were passed to insure the orderly integration of new citizens in to our society. To ignore these laws is to invite chaos. Anyone in our country illegally must go back home and come in legally.

We as interested citizens must become involved in national elections and make our voice heard at the polls.

It's worse than that. An unenforced, arbitrarily enforced, or unenforcable law is *worse* than having no law at all, because it diminishes people's respect for the law in general. Laws should be for the most part followed voluntarily not for fear of prosecution but because the laws make sense and because people understand that the laws actually help build a better society. Laws used for revenue purposes or because the government wants to be seen to be supporting a particular moral stance (i.e. the War on People Who Use and Dispense Certain Kinds of Drugs) ultimately undermine all law and by proxy the society itself. --Kg6cvv 18:27, 6 July 2006 (UTC)