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With the inclusing of women in combat roles in the recent Iraq war, women in combat has come back as an issue that both parties are afraid to address.

"If, as we all concede, it is terrible for men to go off to war, then a fortiori it is worse for females. First of all, military service is disruptive to Traditional, Nuclear Families. If both dad and mom are in the Demilitarized Zone, then who is watching Suzie and Johnny? Parenthetically, this effort to displace Traditional Nuclear Families is one of the reasons why the Nazis' had the Hitler Youth. Also, The Communist Manifesto states, "The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital." (The Communist Manifesto, Pt. II). Hand in glove, the family would vanish as the state provided free education of youth (ibid.)." - Orson Scott Card, Tamed! How A Declawed, Defanged Aslan will End Our Species and Our Souls

Being in the U.S. Armed Services is not a right, but something one has to earn.

Should women be allowed entry into combat roles in the Military?


  • Women and men are held to different standards for the same job. If they want the same job, (e.g. fighting in combat) they should have to meet the same standards. The NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. doe't allow women to join unless they can meet the same standards of skill. In the military, where "losing" can mean your life, it is even more important that women can meet the same requirements as men.