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Working Families is in the process of establishing itself as a minor political party in Massachusetts. The only candidate running under the Working Families line in 2006 will be Rand Wilson[1], who is running for the position of State Auditor. This candidacy will help inject the issues Working Families prioritizes into the debate during the 2006 elections and establish a ballot line for the Working Families Party in the future.

In its current form, Working Families Organization is a coalition between labor and community organizing groups who have come together around issues related to election reform and economic justice. The platform of the Working Families Party in Massachusetts has not been finalized, however it will reflect the 5 top priorities of the orginizations and individuals involved in the formation of this new party.

Working Families Massachusetts is based around a similar model in New York and other parts of the country that currently have active Working Families Parties. The New York Party has been established the longest and was founded in 1998. NY WFP

Working Families is also sponsoring the Mass Ballot Freedom Campaign[2], which has collected the signatures necessary to create a ballot initiative to legalize electoral fusion. This question would allow third parties to strategically endorse candidates from other parties in addition to running their own candidates, if they wished. The Working Families Party hopes to use fusion as a tool to bring its issues to the forefront of politics in Massachusetts and hold major party candidates accountable after the elections are over.