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We all know that human beings have wants. To have unlimited wants is often considered normal. To be normal is considered good.

World Wide Talk provides no goods or services. World Wide Talk wants you to talk more.

Begin every day, every week or every month with a conversation. Ask yourself, your friends, your partner or someone else how we can change the way we live and work, how we can help suffering people, how we can become friends instead of enemies. Sooner or later, you will discover that your wants have been changed.

Talking instead of wanting:

  • reduces need for airplanes, cars and motorboats
  • reduces need for peacekeeping forces
  • improves social relations
  • reduces global stupidity
  • gives us the opportunity to help others
  • gives us the opportunity to act responsibly
  • raises our awareness of habitual consumerism
  • raises our environmental concern
  • ...

World Wide Talk demands improved talking conditions for all!

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